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The crimson color of blood. It’s so pretty. There’s nothing like it. The beautiful color runs down her face. I smile. “Your so weak. You made me this way. Who else could have made me into such-“

“P-please let me g-go,” she stutters. I shake my head and my smile grows.

“Not till I’m done playing. You wanted us to get along, but you started the fights. You wanted us to be friends again, but kept pushing me away. You blamed it all on me. Said it was my fault. Said I was always off with my friends. I was always there. I never hung out with my friends. It was your fault.” Her eyes start to close. “No!” I shout, and press my finger up against a wound on her forehead. She winces and opens her eyes again. “It’s not time yet.” Her skin is so pale. “Say hello to the camera,” I whisper in her ear.

“What?” she stutters.

“The camera right there.” I point out to the camera sitting a foot and a half away from her body on the wall. The beautiful color is coming out slowly, so I make a new, deeper cut. She gasps, and I, well, I laugh. Then it happens, she loses consciousness. I smack her across the face, but she makes no move. I lean in, but hear no breathing. Her skin has turned purplish. I look down at the bowl of blood under her and pick it up. The beautiful color sloshes around in the bowl. I look back up at the corpse. “You want us to be close again. Here you go.” I bring the bowl to my mouth, and drink every drop.

The town beast

I sat in class, as always, my face buried in my book, and my head phones on my ears. It was the first time something had happened that day. Something moved too fast out of the corner of my eye. I ignored it thinking it was nothing. Five minutes went by, and my music started to fade out, or at least the singing did. The background music turned to a woman moaning and screaming in pain. I jerked back from my book, and ripped out my headphones. What’s going on? I think silently. I looked at the other students, but everything looked normal. They were all reading their books. I placed my headphones back into place. The music was playing normal. I picked up my book, and went back to reading. The rest of the class period went by, and lunch came. I went to the computer lab in the library, and hopped on a computer. The screen was black at first, but a screaming face appeared.

I jumped from my seat, knocking over my chair. The face faded from the screen. I looked at the two kids sitting on either side of me. Neither of them reacted. No one had been reacting to anything I was doing. Were they under a spell? I shook my head, and left the school. What is going on? I didn’t understand this at all. I got this feeling something was wrong, and one thought went through my head. Mom. I dropped everything, and ran the three blocks to my house. The door was torn off, and ripped to splinters. I walked inside, making sure not to step on the sharp pieces of wood scattered everywhere. Blood was slipping down the blue, eight foot high walls. There was no upstairs. Fear over came me. I had to find my mother and get out. I took another step, and the floor boards creaked under my feet. “MOM!” I shouted. No answer came from inside.

“She can’t hear you.” I jerked around, to see the people of the town-including the sheriff- standing there. It was the preacher who was talking. None of them blinked. “She’s in a better place. A much better place.”

“Y-y-you k-k-killed her?” I stuttered. They all smiled. All of them! Including the babies!

‘”It was necessary.” Their smiles grew.

“Now it’s your turn, sweety,” my aunt said.

“My turn for what?” Their smiles grew larger. Larger than any human smile.

“It’s time to join your family,” they all said in unison. Their skin began to peel away. Their faces twisted in pain and agony. Screams rang out, but soon turned to vicious snarls. The skins dropped to the ground useless. They attached to each other, into a hideous beast. Every tendon of muscle showed. When it spoke again, it had many voices talking at once. “We don’t like outsiders. Time to join your family.” I turned to run away, but its huge fist slammed down onto my body, breaking every bone in my body. With my last breath, I watched as my mother walked up to me and laughed.

“Oh, if only your father was orignally from here.” I was able to do nothing as she cut my heart out, except die…

Her boyfriend and her shared a one bedroom cottage on a two acre piece of land. They wake up every morning in each others arms, happy as can be…until recently. She first noticed me when he was outside mowing the lawn, and she was making dinner. She heard the sound of my little feet running inside the walls. She froze for a second, not breathing, and, well I stopped.She ignored her gut, like they always did. She didn’t say a word to him, put the lunch into a picnic basket, and changed into her bikini, threw on a pair of tiny shorts, and a tshirt with his favorite band. She heard me again. I started scratching on the walls. I heard the axe once more hit the wood, and stop. I watched her run out of the house, with the basket in hand, and put on her best act to pretend there was nothing wrong with her. He laughed as  dragged him down to the lakeshore to have their picnic.

I stayed inside the house. Waiting for them to return. I became bored quickly, but they didn’t stay away for long. I decided it was time. I went into their bedroom, and took all the bullets, and hid them in my little room. When they came back, I was back in the walls. She started the laundry. Oh, how I hated that machine! And he went to work on the roof. Pounding away on the already old boards. I started scratching again to get someones attention. I heard the door open and close twice, and then something started breaking down the wall I was in. Some huge hammer of sorts. My little red eyes met the light again, and there she stood. Frozen. Fearful. But that was to be expected when you meet an elf. I smiled at her, and said eagerly, “Let’s play hide and seek.” I jumped out of the wall, and grew to human size before she could step on me. “If you win, I’ll go away, but if I win…” I laughed at the thought. “There are only two rules. You can’t leave the property, and can’t hide in the lake… I hide first.” Within her next blink, I grew small again, and jumped into the wall, to hide and wait for my turn. I ran to my little room in the attic, the only place there is no access to. I peeked through a hole in the floor and watched her do her daily chores. She didn’t try to find me that day. I grew angrier as the hours past. One hour. Two. Three. Ten o’clock came, and they fell asleep. I was outraged. I balled my little fists, jumped around in the walls, and out the hole she had made earlier. I ran to the door, growing bigger. I ran outside, put up barbed wire four feet high around the property, and butchered every animal insight. I took some blood, and wrote on the walls:

You didn’t come find me….

  It’s my turn now….

     Here I come..

         The thing in the wall

I then threw the animals at the house.The rage grew inside me. I went to their shed, and grabbed their axe. The lights turned on in the house. I smiled as they walked out of the house. They ignored the splatterings of blood on the house and looked at the animals, horrified. I was finally getting somewhere with these people.

“Jason,” the girl spoke. “I need to tell you something.”

“What is it? What can be as horrible as this?!?” he shouted.

“Something lives in our walls,” she said quietly.

“Don’t play with me. I’m not in the mood for games.”

“Oh, but I am,” I smiled my razor sharp smile and walked out of the shadows.

“Who are you?” Jason demanded.

“Doesn’t matter who I am. The question is who are you?”

“Who am I?” he asked in confusion.

“A dead man.” I rushed at him, and took the axe to his head. The girl did nothing but scream. I looked up at her, axe still in hand, with her boyfriend’s blood dripping off. “You didn’t come find me. Why not?” I demanded with a growl, my eyes growing bigger.


“You what? Thought I wasn’t real? Thought you were seeing things? That I’m a joke?” I laughed. “You could have won. I would have gone away.” I shook my head. “Now it’s my turn. You have one minute, before I go looking.” I began counting. She ran back to the house, crying. I knew she would go for the gun. I walked back into the shadows, watching the house. Maybe it would be different this time. She ran back out, carrying the gun, looked around, and ran towards the edge of the property. I smiled and dragged the dead man inside the house, and put him into the huge hole the woman had made.

“Shit!” she screamed into the night. “How am I supposed to win?!?” I laughed, grabbed the axe, and started after her. I dragged it along the ground on purpose to scare her. The leaves under our feet crunched. I smiled from ear to ear, and picked up the pace. She was heading towards the lake. She came into my sight, making me smile bigger if that was possible. She threw the gun into the water, and jumped in after it. I came to the edge of the water.

“Why the water?” I startled her. She hadn’t expected me to be this close.

“It was one of your rules!” she shouted. “You can’t take the water! I figured you out! I win!”

“Oh, on the contrary, I win.” I dropped the axe, and slithered on top of the water like a snake. I shredded her with my teeth, leaving nothing behind. I walked back to the house slowly, deep in thought. “They always head for the lake. Stupid mortals.” I laughed, and plastered the broken wall back up……

A few days later…

“And on other news, two people have gone missing. Jason Millar, 25, and his girlfriend, Emily Grey, 24, were last seen on December 24. If you have seen them, or have any information on where they can be found, please contact your police…”

I laughed to myself. “Happens every time.” I heard a car pull up, and ran to my hiding place, turning the tv off on the way. The door opens, and a couple comes in with their baby.

“Oh, Andrew, it’s perfect,” the girl squealed. I smiled.

“Welcome to my fun house,” I whispered….